Overthinking can be an amazing thing

So I’m laid in bed, fiancé is playing on the Xbox (as usual!) and I’m feeling like a piece of poo, (yes I refrained from using the other terminology) and I am just thinking how amazing it would be to travel the world with the one you love. No more being trapped in a bedroom with 4 walls restricting you from the wonderful world out there. (Anyone sing the song in their head then? Yes you know that song.) The countless places out there to visit, the food, smells, the atmosphere around you. But that one thing stands in the way – MONEY! That silly 5 letter word which consumes us back into our stable life with an average job and an average way of life. If only money wasn’t a thing. I wonder what everyone would do and how the world would be. I’ll just let that thought dwindle for a bit.


Had your time to think? What would you do without the worry of money? Would you travel or would you be completely reckless and live life like there isn’t any rules? Let me know.


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